SEO Power Shield


The Power Shield combines a Syndication Network and RYS drive stack with GSite and adds in the ID Page Entity Loop to create the most powerful protection you can create for your asset.

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The SEO Shield is a compilation of the best tactics, tested for years, to insulate sites from google updates.

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The Heavy Hitter Club has combined the Syndication Network, RYS Reloaded Drive Stack, and ID Page Entity Loop to create the
SEO Shield

You now have a product that you can utilize to protect your valuable online assets and no longer have to worry about what google does next.


Syndication Network

  • All properties interlinked and pushing power to the money site
  • Solidifies and validates the brand by expanding the online entity footprint

RYS Stack with GSite

  • All properties interlinked in a way to increase relevance and push power to the money site
  • Continues brand solidification and validation
  • Begins brand + KW association
  • Leverage google narcissism and the power for the iframe

ID Page Loop

  • Semantic Hub for the brand directly feeding entity information at the bot level
  • Leveraging the schema @id node (universal resource indicator for the bot) to directly feed the bot entity information
  • Leverage the power of iframes
  • Leverage additional Semantic hubs to further solidify and validate the entity