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Having a diverse set of keywords for your link-building campaign is essential. We build a large amount of links with this service. When ordering a package, you need to submit 300 to 400 keywords, so appropriate research will be required. In the event that you do not have a large enough list of keywords, we would be more than happy to provide keyword research for your campaign. Order the most thorough DFY keyword research online here!

Selecting Your Keywords For Best Results

With the large amounts of backlinks you get with these packages you want to ensure that you have a diverse set of keywords, right? To do that, you’ll need to include 300 to 400 keywords or you can order keyword research as part of your link building package.

If providing your own keywords, do not include exact match keywords! For best results you want to have a mixture of long tail keywords, LSI keywords, and related high level keywords. If you’re the DIY type, use a great tool like Power Suggest Pro.

Spam? Is This What I Need?

Sometimes, when you hear the word “spam” an alarm goes off in your head. However, for tiered link building to be effective that’s exactly what is needed.

Utilizing spam links in the right way, by creating them in large quantities to support other links and properties that are not your main target, you can create the results you are looking for.

And it is especially effective since relevant, aged properties are used in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get Web 2.0 links?

These backlinks are made on high domain authority websites. With an extremely large (and growing) link networks that have been aged (created over time), used and posted to frequently, these properties provide a strong “punch” and only get stronger with time. The links you get are included in relevant articles and pictures to strengthen the relevance of your MGYB link packages.

Should I get GSA spam links?

Are you looking for sheer quantity and a “blast” of backlink power? The GSA spam link packages can be a great way to power up Syndication Networks, Drive stacks, embeds, and much more. And even though it’s about quantity we still work to ensure quality by making the links contextual and associated with relevant content and images where possible.

What is tiered link building?

Tiered link building is one of the most effective methods of link building at the moment. It offers a huge range of benefits which can help protect you from future Google Algorithm updates. Tiered backlink building is essentially where you build backlinks to your existing backlinks, which powers them up and passes more link juice through to your money site.

How long does it take to index my backlinks?

Links index naturally over time and allow they often may not show in the searchable index, google knows they are there. If you are looking to speed up indexing, MGYB can help with that here.