SEO Shield Location Expansion

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SEO Location Shield Expansions are where we begin to to target additional verified GMB locations. The SEO Location Shield targets the GMB landing page with a corresponding shield expansion around the target location and keywords sets. SEO Location Shields are not for location service pages but for location pages that have a verified GMB associated with them.

NOTE: there should be an SEO Power Shield in place before you utilize the SEO Location Shield.

The SEO Shield location expansion is to expand the SEO Power Shield around additional verified GMB locations. We combine the power of a drive stack and RYS Entity Stack page hyper targeted to your additional GMB locations to drive that power into your GMB landing pages and into the GMB maps.

The SEO Shield Location Expansion is for additional verified GMBs landing pages and not for just location service pages.
The SEO Shield Location Expansion is added to an already-in-place SEO Power Shield for the brand

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RYS Stack with GSite

  • All properties are interlinked in a way to increase relevance and push power to the money site
  • Continues brand solidification and validation
  • Begins brand + KW association
  • Leverage google narcissism and the power for the iframe

RYS Entity Stack

  • Semantic Hub for the brand directly feeding entity information at the bot level
  • Leveraging the schema @id node (universal resource indicator for the bot) to directly feed the bot entity information
  • Leverage the power of iframes
  • Leverage additional Semantic hubs to further solidify and validate the entity

You will need to provide the Branded Network URLs for all the brand network properties to be incorporated into the build!