SEO Shield Keyword Expansion – Google Expansion Stacks Theme Mirroring Your Money Site

Now that you have your branded stack in place, you are ready to isolate and target your top level category keywords!


Google Drive Expansion Stack And Google Site Setup

Top Market Keyword Isolation


  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google My Maps
  • Google Slides
  • Google Drawing
  • Google PDF Files
  • Google Drive Photos
  • Google Form
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Site Keyword Page
  • Slideshare Account


Google Expansion Stacks – The Power Up Play for Branded Drive Stack

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What Is An RYS Drive Stack?

An RYS Google Stack combines several different components of the Google ecosystem (like Google Drive, Google Sites, and more) that are then interconnected in various ways to provide powerful results to the property of your choosing. This could be your website, a web 2.0 property, or just about anything else.

Why Are RYS Stacks So Effective?

When you use Google’s own properties in this manner, you are gaining “trust” and “authority” in the eyes of the search engines. Then, it’s all being interconnected so that the power flows through your stack. Your stack is trusted in the eyes of Google and that means results.

Can RYS Google Stacks Give Me Results?
Short answer – YES !

We’ve had great results and so have our students – not only the hundreds of members of the RYS Academy but also those smart marketers that have made use of this very Done For You service.