Press Release

Get your content featured in major news outlets to gain exposure, traffic, and authority backlinks.

You can quickly get visitors to your website  because Press Release links are trusted by search engines and get people to click on the links and visit your web project.

Our Press Releases are written for you. You never again have to edit your press release over and over because it gets rejected. Having it written for you saves you time and money.

Press Release

Why Use Press Releases?

Press Releases help in many ways, but two of the most important are:

Providing more information for search engines to understand your business and begin placing more “value” on your brand and entities. Why is this important? If they don’t do that, you won’t get what you are ultimately after – traffic and conversions!

Show real people searching for your name and brand that you are newsworthy and have important information to share. Don’t think that your business has nothing worth sharing – let our professional copywriters handle the details and get you started out right by showing the public the information you want them to know about your business.

Our Press Release Process

  1. Order your Release
  2. Submit organization information for the media room (if this is the first time ordering for your organization)
  3. Provide the main KW targeting
  4. Provide 3 link targets with anchor text to use
  5. Provide organizational quotes (we can provide quotes if preferred)
  6. Provide details on what you want us to write about (we can come up with topics or “invent” a story based on the link targets you provide if want us to)
  7. Provide release timing

Your Press Release will be written and when complete, you will be given a chance to review a copy of the press release to give final approval prior to being published.

*Please note* We do not accept pre-written Press Releases. If you have one written that you would like to use, we can use it as a guide.