Month One HHC Gameplan

To make things easy for you, we’ve created a TIPS section that includes step by step instructions for each item in the package.   If you haven’t dowloaded the Gamplan Tracking Sheet, click here to make a copy.

Month 1 of the Gameplan

Money Site Work

Perform keyword research for your site
Determine your 4-7 top level keywords to which will be your Pillar Pages
Order or write tuned content for each pillar page

Entity Set Up

Order a Press Release 1 announcing your brand – Brand PR 1
  • Use two links in the PR
  • 1 Link to money site home page
  • 1 Link to GMB Map (using short link)
Create and Optimize a GMB –upload images, info, hours, phone number etc.
Create and Publish GMB Website –CTA button, headline, summary, etc
Create or Order the SEO Power Shield
Order or create schema for your organization, location and each pillar page


Set up Google Analytics
Set up Google Search Console
Set up any onsite trackers or rank trackers of your choice

Tips Section

Money Site Tips

Keyword Research

  • Find the money generating keywords – (how to)
  • Determine 4-7 top level keywords (how to)

Tuned content for each pillar page

Tune the posts for the top level keywords
tools to use:

Entity Setup Tips

Press release 1 for your brand – Brand PR1

  • Focus on the brand
  • Only 2 links in the press release
    • First one links to money site home page
    • Second one links to GMB Map (using short link)
  • Embed YouTube video and GMB maps

Create and Optimize a GMB

  • Upload images, info, hours, phone number etc (how to)
  • Create and publish GMB business site (how to)

The SEO Shield

Advanced Schema

  • Speak directly to Google in code!
  • Free schema training offer (grab here)

**The advanced schema will not be delivered until month 3-4 as we utilize many of the deliverables and add them to the schema for you

Tracking Tips


Setup Tracking

  • Google Analytics (how to)
  • Google Search Console (how to)
  • Any additional trackers you choose