Get Predictable SEO Results For Your Clients Every Time

Stop guessing on what you should do next. SEO can get complicated but we keep you on track. Use our DFY SEO products along with our Game Plan that shows you exactly what to order so you can use the power of Google to create effective, repeatable and scalable results.

Turn Google Into Your Friend (Not Foe)

Start using the power of Google instead of being abused by it. Discover how to make Google work for you, not the other way around. It all starts with an SEO Shield to solidify, validate and protect your brand.

What IS An SEO Power Shield?

The SEO Shield is a compilation of the best tactics that has been tested for years to insulate and protect your sites from Google updates. THHC has combined an RYS Branded Network, an RYS Drive Stack With GSite, and an RYS Entity Stack to create the SEO Shield.

You now have a product that you can utilize to protect your valuable online assets and you no longer have to worry about what Google does next.

RYS Branded Network

The first step is creating an RYS Branded Network that syndicates your content. All of the properties are interlinked to push power to the money site. This helps to validated and solidify your brand by expanding your online entity footprint.

RYS Drive Stack+ Gsite

Next, we create an RYS Drive Stack and GSite to leverage Google’s narcissism. All properties are interlinked to increase relevance while creating brand and keyword association. We continue solidifying and validating the brand.


We finish by creating an RYS Entity Stack that directly feeds entity information to the bot, while leveraging the power of iFrames and Schema. We add additional Semantic Hubs to further solidify and validate the entity.

The Simple Way To Scale Your SEO Services

Working as an SEO specialist pits you against giants like Google. The game feels rigged in their favor. What works often feels like a mystery. Who’s in charge is a monopoly. We flip the script and use the power of Google instead of being abused by it. We have come up with a Gameplan that sets you up for success right out of the gate. Simply follow the plan for repeatable results!

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What Others Have To Say….

We run the HHC Game Plan as part of our strategy for each client. Why? It delivers proven results time and time again while making them bullet proof from Google’s ever changing algo. This allows us to approach larger and larger clients with a scalable approach, proven over time, that has increased our agency revenue in way that wouldn’t be possible without the HHC DFY SEO services. They are integral to our success.


Jordan Fowler, President Moon & Owl Marketing


Heavy Hitter Club is a game changer! Done for me services, easy to follow game plan steps, all I do now is steer the ship and bring in new clients! My team creates the over all structure and THHC executes what we want to happen and when! Now, I’ve supported multiple clients in reaching 8 figures in half the amount of time. Having support from a consistent reliable behind the scenes team with proven results has been a total WIN/WIN/WIN for all involved!


Rina Bindi, Tipping Point Digital


The Gameplan and DFY services offered by THHC are THE unfair advantage I was always seeking for my business! I can now confidently and consistently execute SEO and digital marketing strategies that rank my websites and generate more revenue than ever before. The difference with these services and methods is that they are rooted in data science, not trendy fad tactics. If you need to move the needle, you need this data driven approach. I only wish I had tried and applied The Gameplan sooner!


Ed Baker, President Rolling Seven LLC
Custom Fabriction Agency for Major Events


Since I’ve followed HHC, it’s given me a proven system of getting SEO results for my clients. Using the DFY services is a big part of my processes, which means the bulk of the workload is taken care of. And gives me the confidence to talk to a new potential client, knowing I will rank them in their niche, whatever industry they work in.


Pete Hogg


We run the HHC game plan as a part of our standard operating procedures. The simple to follow concepts provide a framework that has helped shape my agency. What’s amazing, is how simple the process is… No fancy bells and whistles, just a plan that gets consistent and meaningful results as long as you’re willing to put in the work.


Brian Kato
Fusion Vine, Owner


You Don’t Have To Be An SEO Wizard, You Just Have To Know One

SEO can get complicated. We keep it simple. Stay on track with our DFY SEO Products.

About Our Founders

Marco and Rob started The Heavy Hitter Club Store to help out those in the SEO community who were struggling to find the services they needed to get results. They already had their own team trained. They then built a team to provide a reliable and affordable service to help other SEOs provide consistent results for their clients.

Marco Benavides


Rob Beal