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“Although I’m relatively new… I can say that the work that they do is some of the most comprehensive, well done and thoroughly thought out and applied strategies out there… it’s no secret, the guys there do great, great work.”

Kieran Reed

“Everything that I’ve gotten with the store has worked out really well&; I’m just as pleased as can be.”

Michael Debuty

“With the services, their reputation, the online support, the community that they have; I’m more than happy with their services. I have a couple other businesses that I’ll be ordering some additional services as well.”

Joshua Loera

…when I came across the folks here, it really is a game-changer.

Paul Robbins

IFTTT SEO Academy (Syndication Academy) has been a game changer for both our agency and our clients. We have achieved first page ranking on highly competitive terms such as “social media marketing [city]” using only the strategies we learning in Syndication Academy.

In addition, our clients’ results have been off the charts. One client is ranking first page in as little as two weeks after we followed the Syndication Academy method. All of them have first page rankings on keywords that drive traffic their way.

Jordan Fowler

Got my RYS drive stack delivered on Feb 7…Rankings in both GMB and organic ranks have improved every day since…Pleased as punch guys. This stuff works!!

Keith Heeres

4 months ago, I started an Amazon Affiliate site. Hobby based niche with a 25k per month search volume spread over 5 main keywords.

Competition authority sites with over 200 pages / posts, domain ages of 10+ years with the eldest being a 17yr old domain. No light content. All established authorities. Heaps of backlinks. New domain, 18 pages & posts combined. Custom sidebars to create silo’s Syndication Network. Some social profiles.

My site is now page 1, position 6 or better for 4 out of 5 of my target KW’s. Last KW which is my biggest is sitting position 14. My affiliate links have been live for over a week now, I have made several sales with a conversion rate of 6%.

Beau Michaels

The quality is there; THHC Store offers everything that you could possibly need

Tess Robinson

OK! I really have nothing to complain about right now. I am using a syndication network and drive stack. Just got my gsite indexed and ranking are GOING THROUGH THE @## #$%^^ ROOF! I’ve never seen anything like this!

Kevin Noyes